New Classes Starting This Friday (April 14)

More Opportunities to Train!!!

This week we’re adding two new classes to our schedule here at Horsetooth.

** ADCC-Style Grappling – Fridays @ 9:00 a.m. **

This session will emphasize submission grappling relevant to ADCC’s Submission Fighting World Federation, which is considered ‘the Olympics’ of grappling and no-gi competition. Technical focus for training will include upper body takedowns, guard passing, attacking the back, and (our favorite 🙂) leg lock systems.

** Women’s Only Wrestling – Sundays @ 12:30 p.m. **

Emphasis in this class is on folkstyle wrestling, so if you’re interested in competing in the premier combat sport, already compete and want to get some work in the off season, or if you’re interested in studying the most effective martial art on the planet, be sure to join us on Sundays!

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