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All of our classes are without the gi (i.e., the traditional kimono/uniform utilized in most karate, judo, and jiu jitsu gyms). We believe that ‘no-gi’ grappling creates better and more realistic technical application of takedowns, ground controls, and submissions and that this also encompasses the future of successful grappling combat sports (i.e., no-gi jiu jitsu and ADCC combat wrestling). To be prepared for class, students just need to bring shorts and/or tights, a t-shirt, and a good attitude!

Adult Classes

Adult classes are structured to scaffold skills over time to help members meet their personal goals.

Sundays, 11 a.m. – noon

Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Family Classes

Our ardent belief is that kids will stick with a martial art—and realize all of its mental and physical benefits—if a parent or adult mentor is deeply involved. We encourage parents to not just watch class but join us on the mat.

Sundays, 10 – 11 a.m.

Thursdays, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Private Lessons

James is the teacher who will stay up at night dreaming up the ways to get in and out of holds. Bring your individualized questions and desired areas of growth to private sessions.

By emphasizing catch wrestling and combining with other grappling modalities, our curriculum emphasizes takedowns, pins, and ‘no holds barred’ submissions that can be transferred to any combat ruleset and self-defense situation.


Our adult curriculum is geared towards the full spectrum of athletic abilities and goals. If you’re new to the martial arts and grappling, expect to immerse yourself in the fundamentals, like stance and hand fighting while standing, and how to use force and leverage to escape when a bigger opponent is trying to pin you to the ground. More advanced and/or looking to compete in no-gi jiu jitsu and submission grappling tournaments? Expect a deep-dive into the ‘hook-style’ of wrestling, which includes strong takedowns, punishing rides, and excrutiating submissions. Regardless of competitive goals, students can expect greater body literacy, technical abilities, and confidence in self-defense situations. Age recommendation for our adult curriculum is 14 years old and above.


Our ardent belief is that kids will stick with a martial art—and realize all of its mental and physical benefits—if a parent or adult mentor is deeply involved every step of the way. So, we highly encourage parents not just watch class but participate in the training and be on the mat. Through leading by example, your child—or children—will have more fun and be more committed, and the entire family will be learning valuable skills together while improving their fitness. You’ll also be more equipped to facilitate at home training and/or intentional rough housing away from class! If a parent, older brother or sister, or another adult mentor can’t make it, we’ll still do our very best to ensure your child is fully engaged, having fun, and learning. Kids and adult mentors can expect to learn and perfect techniques like headlock escapes, how to avoid being tackled and pinned to the ground by bullies, controlling much larger opponents with leverage, and cool finishing holds like catch wrestling’s signature move, the double wrist lock.


We will soon begin building a program for youth and teens who are seeking to build skills and compete in tournaments (regardless of style), whether it’s the in- or off-season for your combat sport. Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more.


Adult classes are $5 each, pay at the door or via Venmo. For family classes, $10 will cover a child and his/her adult mentor combined. Private lessons are $40/hour.

Why is our club so affordable?

If you look around at clubs like ours, you will notice that our class cost is a bit less than the typical dojo. To start, we run a club with low overhead, and we are absolutely committed to passing along the cost savings to our athletes and families. Keeping our cost low also aligns with our belief that wrestling as a martial art should not have any barriers–we firmly believe families shouldn’t choose between learning important skills and paying their essential bills. WRESTLING FOR ALL!!!

How do I pay for a class?

Make payments or donations to head coach James Cole via Venmo. @James-Cole-944

Try a private lesson…

James is a brilliant-minded coach and friend, who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a little over a year now. James is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about many different forms of grappling. I feel very thankful to have been able to start my grappling journey with him and continue it for years to come!

Trent R., jiu jitsu practitioner, expert leg-locker, and folkstyle wrestler

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