Low Single from Cross Wrist Drag!

As the folkstyle season shifts to this spring and summer’s opportunities with freestyle and submission grappling competitions, we’ve been working with our athletes here at Horsetooth on takedowns that can be applied and provide a relatively easy transition among all three disciplines.

On Sunday (3/5), we spent some time drilling the ankle pick, which certainly fulfills the above criteria, but I also wanted to share this excellent video from @505wrestlingclub explaining a cool set-up for the low single.

Check it out, and consider adding this to your arsenal! We’d codify this as a low risk, high reward set-up that, if one misses on the low single, can still provide good opportunities for another leg attack.

Also, in the final seconds of the video, where Coach Nathanimal practices the setup of the technique at a faster pace, note the three principles of stance and motion that we’ve been highlighting at Horsetooth:

1) Change of direction

2) Change of speed

3) Change of elevation

Hope to see you on the mats soon!

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