Dreams Before Waking

At Horsetooth, it’s our deepest conviction that wrestling can change people—and the world—for the better.

This may seem like a vast overstatement when considering how deeply flawed our lives and our societies might feel, particularly when we’re at our individual and collective low points.

But think about how long wrestling has been around—it is literally the oldest martial art and combat sport—and all of the upheaval through which it has endured.

Why such resilience?

Because wrestling itself is a metaphor for our human experience, and we, as humans, are incredibly resilient. Perhaps these are not mutually exclusive.

Consider how something as difficult as wrestling helps us intuitively understand our physical abilities and capacities. And how it shows us how to interact with others as we simultaneously learn each other’s bounds.

Wrestling is also form of social interaction that can help foster relationships and friendships within dissimilar guilds. And wrestling can reveal to us—through trial and error, yet without too dramatic psychological consequences—what happens when things get uncomfortable for us physically.

Plus, think about all of the health benefits for your body, which in turn fortify the above lessons.

Please consider our motto at HHGC, which conveys this conviction—‘We believe wrestling is a parable of our human relation to all things.’


What would it mean to live

in a city whose people were changing

each other’s despair into hope?—

You yourself must change it.—

what would it feel like to know your country was changing?—

You yourself must change it.—

Though your life felt arduous

new and unmapped and strange

what would it mean to stand on the first

page to the end of despair?

–Adrienne Rich, ‘Dreams Before Waking’

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