Having a philosophy gives a coach clear guidance on the objectives that should be pursued and how to achieve them. While adhering to values, a coach can make consistent decisions and broader life coaching questions by sticking with his or her philosophy.

If you’re a coach and/or martial arts instructor, consider articulating your philosophy and making it available to your athletes! If you are an athlete or martial arts student, and your instructor doesn’t have a clear coaching philosophy, consider finding another place to train. It’s that important!!!

So what’s our coaching philosophy at Horsetooth?

First, we want to help each athlete (kids and adults alike) in our program gain a comprehensive knowledge of wrestling, both as a sport and martial art. This includes fundamental skills, rules, and the strategy involved in each. Second, and most importantly, we want to develop in each athlete the capacity to successfully compete in the world outside of athletics through a ‘growth mindset’. This mindset encompasses modesty in victory and gratitude in defeat, and the eagerness to make sacrifices that both wrestling and life require.

Also consider this—coaching philosophies should change and adapt through time, so you’ll likely visit our social media pages in the future and notice that the parlance above might be slightly different in the coming months.

One of our core values at Horsetooth is constant innovation, so as I continue learning as a coach, my philosophy must resultantly improve, too!!!

Hope to see you on the mats soon–

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