As a new year begins, resolutions abound, many of which will fall to the wayside in a few, mere days.

Some of the most prominent New Year’s resolutions include ‘getting in better shape’, ‘being healthier’, ‘losing weight’, or–to be honest, one which we should all strive toward, regardless of milestones–‘being a better person’.

Consider wrestling as a 2023 commitment to yourself. It will help you meet all the above objectives. SERIOUSLY.

Why? Here’s a few of our favorite reasons…

  1. Wrestling is the best martial art for self-defense, regardless of age, gender, or physical capacity
  2. Wrestling develops physical strength, power, and coordination
  3. Wrestling develops personal responsibility, mental toughness, and discipline
  4. Wrestling brings individuals together and builds strong interpersonal bonds
  5. Wrestling teaches an individual how to focus and ‘learn how to learn’

But even better, wrestling transcends time and geographic boundaries. By taking up wrestling, you become part of a living history that has connected generations and cultures for the last millennia.

In fact, the history of wrestling dates back to the origin of human civilization. It is the world’s oldest combat sport and can be traced back to cave paintings found in the Lascaux caves in France, which are 17,000 years old. Similarly, cave paintings in the Bayankhongor Province of Mongolia dating back to Neolithic age of 7000 BC, showcase a wrestling match. In Japan, Prehistoric cave paintings evoke familiarity to traditional sumo wrestling practiced in the country.

As you watch this attached clip, you might realize that most cultures around the world have developed their own style of folk wrestling (the video shows just a small sample), and these traditions continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

So…BACK TO THE FUTURE IN 2023…make wrestling part of your New Year’s resolution!!!

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